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Creating an improved workplace experience for incoming Gen Z.
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With this problem scope, we recognize that our client, Oracle, has a strong desire to transition from a corporate, "grandfather" tech company to a more innovative, design-oriented workspace to tailor to Gen Z--the generation of the new workforce.

We identified that Gen Z--defined as the generation from birth years mid-to-late 1990's to early 2010's--would be the target users for this project. Because Gen Z is born to a digital world, we found that many of them have an increased desire to work in more dynamic, exciting environments in addition to having higher and more specific expectations for the workplaces they want to work at.

Why is this an issue?

Because Gen Z will soon take over a large population of the workforce in the near future, it is important for Oracle to tailor their workplace environment that is most welcoming to Gen Z and best fits their values. In addition, many other large tech companies such as Facebook and Google already have well-established programs and strong recruiting pipelines that are popular among Gen Z. In this aspect, Oracle lags behind in appealing to Gen Z's professional needs.

1. Research

Before we dive deeper into potential areas to explore, we want to get a deeper understanding of our users through research: their motivations, needs, pain points, interests, and overall workplace experience.

Secondary Research

The purpose of secondary research is to gain more background knowledge to give us more context into the problem we're trying to solve. This includes looking into company reviews, online articles and resources, and online platforms as well as conducting competitor analysis of what other companies offer to gather more information about what Gen Z values in a workplace.

We have found the following factors to be the most prominent and vital in impacting Gen Z's workplace preferences:

  1. Growth and Impact

Due to NDA, prototypes cannot be shown here. Our designs include 3D renderings of the space, an interactive app prototype, and floor plan layouts. Please reach out to request for additional information.

Altogether, it was incredibly rewarding to work with the Oracle team. Despite being a large company, presenting our final deliverables twice to over 10 stakeholders, including the Senior VP of UX Design, Senior VP of Brand Experience, and VP of Global Real Estate. We receiving really positive feedback and were informed that there is a high possibility for our proposal to be implemented in the next coming years.

In addition, this project was moved to fully remote halfway through, but it was rewarding to find new innovative ways at the beginning of quarantine to collaborate interactively and communicate effectively.

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