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Art was my first language - quite literally. I started drawing before learning how to talk. Creativity is my form of expression. 

Growing up in the Silicon Valley, I’ve immersed myself in entrepreneurship. Through combining my creative interests with innovation, I’ve discovered design.

Hi, I’m Annie! I’m currently a junior at UC Berkeley studying Global Business and Interdisciplinary Studies in Art, Experience Design, and Psychology

I’m fascinated by design’s potential to create a social impact and human-centered approach to problem-solving. It all started in 8th grade when I prototyped a device that converted exercise movement into chargeable electricity as an eco-friendly approach to promoting physical wellness. Beyond just the building product itself, I was fascinated by getting to the core of what were the users' biggest frustrations, and how can my solution benefit them. Innovation and building new ideas became my gateway into pursuing iterative, empathetic design. I’m passionate about building creative communities and impacting the mental health & wellness space. Currently, I’m working on Empathie, a mental health platform for underrepresented racial minorities.

My business background allows me to strategically understand how design aligns with business goals, and my self-created interdisciplinary studies research program allows me to explore the relationship between art and psychology in design, and how to make designs that are visually and emotionally impactful.

My creativity expands into other hobbies I enjoy: 3D-printing jewelry, painting outdoors, tinkering in my school's maker space, editing montages, illustrating on Procreate, and designing for my school's fashion show. Outside of school, you can find me playing soccer, running, hiking, snowboarding, thrifting, volunteering for mental health initiatives, learning new languages, drinking too much Yerba Maté, trying new cultural foods, and traveling as much as I can.

Check out my other creative work and projects here!

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Product Design Intern @Uber

*Incoming - Winter 2022!


Design Intern @Boston Consulting Group

After 1.5 years of working (and taking classes) at home, I worked on an extensive product case in New York City over the summer.


Design Consulting, Brand Advertising Intern @Unity

Started design consulting for clients like Oracle, Tile, Lime, Twitch, and VERB Energy. Worked on projects such as Oracle's Awesome Workplace Experience project, Tile's new Gen Z product, and Brand Strategy/Design.

During my Unity summer internship, I took on additional creative projects in designing ads and conducting research for their new AR creative marketing tool, making my transition from marketing to UX design.


Design @Berkeleytime

My first official product design experience in college building the most popular student planning platform at UC Berkeley. Also marked the beginning of college :)

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When I am not working, I have others passions I dive into like sports, fine arts and fashion, and filiming videos and capturing photos from places and experiences.

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